Company History

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MERITAX Property Tax Consultants was established in Dallas in 1995 by seasoned professionals with varying specialties in the field of property taxation that were committed to providing their wealth of experience and knowledge to those needing assistance with property tax administration and valuation appeals.

MERITAX currently represents property owners in all 50 States and continues to be a privately owned, boutique, full service property tax firm whose core and only business is property tax administration and appeals, 24/7.


MERITAX Property Tax Consultants provide comprehensive property tax administration and aggressive appeal solutions that minimize our clients’ property tax exposure while enhancing their bottom line. This is accomplished through the pursuit of fair and equitable assessments based on thorough analysis of existing market conditions, comparison analysis of tax assessments on similar properties and specific financial analysis of the subject property.

Our goal is to provide exceptional results and service while functioning as an outside extension of our clients’ internal tax operations.